Mongolia Birding Tour

Mongolia Birding Tour

Mongolia is a vast country with a range of different natural habitats and ecosystems from the taiga forest to the Gobi desert. Country is mostly steppe, but taiga forest in the north, majestic Altai mountains in the west and south west  and grassland steppe in the east and Gobi desert in the south and north west. Up to date, over 500 species of birds have been recorded in Mongolia. 

Tour Leader: Purevsuren Tsolmonjav (Puje), one of the leading bird guides in Mongolia. Purevsuren was born and raised in the foothills of the majestic Altai Mountains in western Mongolia. He has been fascinated and intrigued by nature and the wonderful wildlife of the Altai Mountains since childhood. This had led him to pursue a university degree in biology and become a successful professional in his field. Purevsuren has been working on various wildlife research and conservation projects, and leading wildlife tours since 2006. He has authored and co-authored a number of research papers and recently published a Photographic Field Guide to the Birds of Mongolia (in Mongolian). Purevsuren will lead most of the tours.

Vehicle: Toyota Land Cruisers (4WD), there will be some long drives on paved and dirt roads between the birding sites. We consider that the comfort of our clients is very important so that 3 passengers will sit in each car.  

Accommodation: In Ulaanbaatar we will stay in a modern hotel. Away from there we will either stay in yurt camp (called as ger in Mongolia) or pitch our own tents.

Climate: The weather can be very variable in May and early June. Generally, it will be warm during the day, but it will be relatively cold at night and in the early mornings. Cold weather can be expected at the higher altitudes, and rain, even snow, is possible at almost any time. Starting from the beginning of June, the temperature rise causes the hot days.

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Tour dates 2023

20 May – 03 June ( spaces available )
05 June – 19 June ( spaces available )

Tour dates 2024

20 May – 03 June ( spaces available )
05 June – 19 June ( spaces available )

Tour Price for 2023

$3,900 4-5 pax

$3,700 6-7 pax

$3,500 8-10 pax

Single Supplement: $500

Deposit: $600

Full Itinerary

Key bird species list 

  1. Oriental Plover
  2. Black-billed Capercaillie
  3. Altai Snowcock
  4. Mongolian Ground-jay
  5. Hodgson’s Bushchat
  6. Relict Gull
  7. Pallas’s Fish Eagle 
  8. Yellow-breasted Bunting
  9. Pallas’s Gull
  10. Eversmann’s Redstart
  11. Wallcreeper
  12. Azure Tit
  13. White-crowned Penduline Tit
  14. Long-tailed Rosefinch 
  15. Siberian Rubythroat
  16. Chinese Bush Warbler
  17. Eurasian Three-toed Woodpecker
  18. Swan Goose
  19. Bar-headed Goose
  20. White-naped Crane
  21. Demoiselle Crane 
  22. Pallas’s Reed Bunting
  23. Stejneger’s Scoter
  24. White-winged Tern
  25. Saker Falcon
  26. Amur Falcon
  27. Mongolian Lark
  28. Small Snowfinch 

Mammal list 

  1. Przewalki’s Horse
  2. Wapiti
  3. Tarbagan Marmot
  4. Siberian Ibex
  5. Goitered Gazelle
  6. Mongolian Gazelle
  7. Asiatic Wild Ass
  8. Pallas’s Pika
  9. Tolai Hare 
  10. Mongolian Gerbil
  11. Great Gerbil
  12. Corsac Fox
  13. Red Fox
  14. Siberian Chipmunk
  15. Long-tailed Ground Squirrel
  16. Alashan Ground Squirrel
  17. Red-cheeked Ground Squirrel
  18. Brandt’s Vole

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