Snow Leopard Photography Tour went successful

Photo by: Purevsuren Tsolmonjav

Our second Snow Leopard tour of the year went very successful as well. Our client Tony Davison from the UK photographed this elusive leopard in 50-100 meters at an altitude of 2,300 m in the Altai Mountains, western Mongolia. 

In the morning of fourth day since we arrived in the valley, we were informed by one of the local herdsmen that his goat has been killed by a Snow Leopard around 8 km away from our camp in the bottom of the valley. We immediately drove there and parked our car at an elevated spot near the dead goat. Suddenly, a Snow Leopard started running away to the mountain slope as it heard and saw us. It has walked up on the barren slope and disappeared in the grey rocks that are located in a relatively flat area. Please read full trip report at 



 Photos by: Tony Davison