Successful Snow Leopard tour in November 2023

Snow Leopard image taken by our guest Chen Chun-Hsu

Our most recent Snow Leopard tour (4th tour of the year) took place on 02-14 November 2023. Our guests were Mr. Chen Chun-Hsu, Hsiao Chia-Hung, Liu Kuo-Tsai and Yu Chung-Wei from Taiwan. Our flight to Khovd on November 3rd was delayed by one day due to bad weather. We finally flew to Khovd on the night of November 4th and reached our Snow Leopard camp at around 2:00 am. On the third day in Altai Mountain, our guide Puje found a Snow Leopard resting in a shallow cave at around 2:00 pm. There was a phone signal at the location and he called the camp immediately to inform the sighting. About an hour later, our guests arrived at the site with a driver. Puje stayed at the site and kept watching the Snow Leopard until our guests came. Luckily, the Snow Leopard did not go away and disappoint us. As we had several more days until we left the Snow Leopard camp, we hope to find more Snow Leopards in the coming days. But, it had snowed a lot and it was foggy for the last 4 days. We were happy with the sighting of a Snow Leopard before this unusual weather event. 

Snow Leopard image taken by our guest Yu Chung-Wei

Snow Leopard image taken by our guest Chen Chun-Hsu

We were also lucky to find other wildlife both in Altai Mountain and Hustai National Park. We saw Siberian Ibex every day, Saiga Antelope, Grey Wolf, Stoat, Mongolian Ground-jay, Little Owl, Eurasian Blackbird, Golden Eagle, Bearded Vulture, Cinereous Vulture in the Altai Mountain, while Wild Horse, Siberian Wapiti Deer, Tolai Hare, Daurian Partridge and Upland Buzzard were seen and photographed well in Hustai National Park. 

Saiga Antelopes. Photo by: Chen Chun-Hsu

Stoat. Photo by: Chen Chun-Hsu