Snow Leopard tour is done with success

Photo by: Nedko Nedkov

Our next Snow Leopard Tour took place on the 07-18th February 2023. Our group consisted of three guests namely Mr. Nedko Nedkov and Mrs. Beate Oswald from Germany, and Mr. Gregory Garnich from the USA. Our guests arrived in Ulaanbaatar on the morning of February 7th, we drove to Hustai National Park to see Przewalski's Horses and other wildlife there. It did not take too long to see and photograph Mongolian Gazelle, Przewalski's Horse and Siberian Wapiti Deers. After spending a few hours, we drove back to Ulaanbaatar to get some rest after a long flight from Germany and the USA. 

Mongolian Gazelles (Photo by: Nedko Nedkov)

On the 8th of February, we flew to Khovd with Aero Mongolia and landed at around 03:30 pm. We jumped onto a Toyota land cruiser and headed to our Snow Leopard camp directly. After one and a half hours of driving on the paved and dirt roads, we reached our camp and had a delicious dinner made by our professional cook Bogi. 

We explored the valley for the next few days. The local herders and our guide had been hearing the Snow leopard call more frequently lately. But, we could not see the Snow Leopards. On the fourth day, we spotted the adult Snow Leopard sleeping on the mountain slope with aid of a spotting scope at an altitude of 2,600m after putting in a lot of effort and hard hiking along the valley. We were fortunate to observe and photograph this beautiful creature for many hours. Finally, it moved away before dusk which allowed us to take some photos in motion. We walked about 4 km (halfway) to the location where we found the Snow Leopard. 

A sleeping Snow Leopard (Photo by: Purevsuren Tsolmonjav)

Our guests observing and photographing the Snow Leopard (Photo by: Purevsuren Tsolmonjav)